F-Secure Freedome with NCell

I have used Freedome on my IPhone for a few months in Nepal with NCell Mobile data and it’s been great. All of a sudden it has stopped working; but works fine through WiFi. I’ve tried reinstalling but that hasn’t helped. I’ve tried IKEv1 and IKEv2, still the problem exists. Do you think NCell are blocking the Freedome VPN. I called them this morning and they said they weren’t  but I sense this could be the issue. Others with Freedome here are experiencing the same problem. Interestingly other VPN’s work including expressVPN.


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    Hello Userinnepal,


    Since Freedome works with other Wi-Fi networks, it shouldn't be the issue with Freedome. Do you happen to have any other mobile device with Freedome which can connect to the same mobile data?


    If you are still unable to connect with any mobile devices in the same network, you can let NCell know about this and investigate further.


  • My thoughts. I don’t have another device to try, but others here are experiencing the same problem on their devices.


    Do you know how to let F-Secure know? I can’t seem to find contact details for them. 

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    Hello Userinnepal,


    Then, I would recommend to contact your mobile network provider to check further.

  • I did and they say nothing has changed. I’ve also emailed F secure and have had no response. I guess you pay for a service that comes without any actual service! 


    I will be advising people who come to Nepal to use a different VPN henceforth. 


    Expected more to be fair; like many online app retailers, they design something but don’t have the support systems to offer any customer service when their product fails. And it’s very difficult to get your money back. 

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    Hello Userinnepal,


    It would be good to know if it is only iPhone which is affected or Android/Mac/Windows devices are also affected in the same network.

    However, we have limited possibilities to affect the blocking like in this case - if a network provider chooses to block something, it is their network and we are unable to affect that.

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