Better control for parental control

TeroH Posts: 17 Observer

Our kid travelled to her grandmom alone today, and we learned on the train platform, 4 minutes to the time of departure, that the parental rules prevent the train ticket to be opened in her phone.  We had only the e-ticket, paper tickets are long gone here. The website that was blocked by Safe is, a common service to deliver tickets, receipts and stuff. It was a painful and unexpected situation.


Dear F-Secure people, how would you resolve this kind of situation in the future by means of improving the application? First ideas that come to my mind are improvement of controlling the parental controls in adults' mobile app. Or adding a whitelisting feature, which requires the first idea to be implemented. Another is removing this kind of services from the blacklists. Or adding an explanation what is the class of the web site that caused the denial, which could then be used in the mobile app for temporary tick-off, requiring the first idea to be implemented.


Someone else suggested improvements to control of parental control in the mobile app. It seems to be a key to improvements of parental control feature. Have you seriously considered it?