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I have a Acer Chromebook CB3-431. This computer works with Android app store (Google play). I downloaded the Freedome app from the store but it dosn't work. 


When I start the app, it connects and I get a small key icon on top of the network icon. But after about two seconds, the key disappears from the icon and Chrome says I'm not connected to any VPN. In the app, it says I'm connected.

I guess there's currently no support for Chromebooks, but I'm wondering if something's coming soon? Or is there any other solution?


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    Hi NickeP,


    Welcome to F-Secure Community !

    F-Secure Freedome supports the following Operating Systems as listed here. I  have passed your post to our Freedome team. However, there are no plans at the moment to support Chrome OS.


    Thank you

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    Hi. I have the same problem on my Asus Flip C302, which also runs Android apps. As I understand it, VPN Android apps like Freedome only protect other Android apps, not browsing in the Chrome browser. To protect browsing within the Chrome browser, you need to manually add a private network using the LT2P protocol. However there is a way to browse the Internet via the Freedome app - you can use the F-Secure Safe Browser. To confirm the app is protecting the Safe Browser, you can use a website to check your IP address. This for example allows you to watch TV programmes from another country.

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