Freedome prevents MacBook Pro with High Sierra from connecting to printer on WiFi network

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I have two new MacBook Pros (13-inch, 2018, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports, running Mojave) on a Linksys Tri-Band Mesh Node wifi network with a new AirPrint capable HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 all-in-one printer. The wifi network, which I set up two weeks ago, is operating perfectly; and both the printer and the computers are on it, along with two iPhone 7s. The printer prints from the  iPhones without a hitch. However, the MacBooks would either not  connect with the printer at all, or lose the connection soon after it was established. But, they connected with the internet with no problem for emailing, surfing, etc.


After spending several hours over the past two weeks troubleshooting with tech support at Linksys, HP and Apple, I finally talked to an Apple advisor who asked me to turn off Freedome and see if I got a connection. Sure enough, immediately after I turned Freedome off on my computer, the printer came on line and I was able to print. However, as soon as I turned Freedome back on the connection was lost. The same thing happened with my wife's computer. 


Both our iPhones run Freedome too. So, my question is, since our iPhones print with Freedome on, but our MacBooks only print with Freedome off, does that mean the Freedome protection on our computers is overperforming, or is the Freedome protection on  our iPhones underforming? And what is the fix for whatever is the problem?


Thanks, Alex Res




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    Got it. Thanks.

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