Computer showing all symptoms of flashback trojan, but none of the removers are working.


I've been having trouble with my MacBook Pro for the past few days now. I'll be on Safari, and generally after about 30-45 minutes up to an hour, it will "quit unexpectedly" due to a .NationalBiologicalCorp.png plug-in. I know for a fact that I have the flashback trojan, and everyone gives me the same advice: to come here, use your Flashback removal tool, update my system, and disable Java.


The only problem is that I have updated my system with the new Java security update (yet it never told me any malware was removed), I've ran F-Secure's Flashback removal took and every time I do the only thing that pops up is that "the application has exited with a non-zero status", and I've also disabled Java on my computer.


I'm running on Mac's OS X system, version 10.6.8.


Please help!


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