Original Little Flocker owner (now XFENCE) - how/where can I get the XFENCE installer?




I've been using XFENCE (previously Little Flocker) for some years now (counting the time when it was Little Flocker), and would like to know if I can obtain an installer for it so that I can do a clean install on my machine (macOS Mojave, in this case). I've already signed up for the beta program (even though I technically already "own" the software), but haven't received any response.


Some more questions:


1 - is XFENCE (officially) compatible with macOS Mojave? I've seen some forum responses stating that it works, but no formal F-Secure response AFAIK.


2 - Can I simply import my original Little Flocker license once I install XFENCE?




  • Ryan_
    Ryan_ Posts: 1 New Member

    I have the same question. Seems stupid to have purchased it and now can't get access to Xfence even though I am in the beta program and my request hasn't been responded to.

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