FS Protection PC Release 223

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F-Secure One Client SAFE 4.00.4762


New Features:

  • Main UI now has "Manage subscription" link, which turns into "Renew" link when subscription is about to expire. Please note that in fs protection, you can't renew the license yourself, F-Secure R&D will do it for you.

Removed Features:

  • Removed "Installation complete" page as it did not bring additional value

Fixed Issues:

  • Support tool (fsdiag) is unable to create archive if username contains Unicode characters (PBL-4029)
  • "Data Fellows" registry key created (PBL-4036)
  • Greek "uninstall" text truncation (PBL-4023)
  • Ransomware protection status inconsistent (PBL-4018)
  • Product went to reboot required state when Windows updates were being installed (PBL-4016)
  • Problems after uninstallation while the "Are you sure you want to clean all events" is opened (PBL-3995)
  • Crash in Banking Protection (BPL-3983)
  • "Clear all events" missing localizations (PBL-3978)
  • Windows Security Center showing expiration state incorrectly (PBL-3936)
  • Event history wording issues (PBL-3916)
  • Web site keeps opening after blocking in case of capital letters (PBL-3862)
  • Support tool privacy policy translation issues (BPL-3842)
  • Engine updates during machine startup (PBL_3838)
  • Inconsistent event logging in multi-user scenario (PBL-3601)


F-Secure R&D, Desktop products


  • Lord_Ami
    Lord_Ami Posts: 70 Active Engager


    Upgrade went smooth as usual!

  • Ville
    Ville Posts: 671 F-Secure Product Expert

    We just released 4.00.4871 as a silent update to TP 223. It contains minor improvements to update handling.



    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • Lord_Ami
    Lord_Ami Posts: 70 Active Engager

    fs protection 224 (F-Secure One Client (SAFE) 4.00.5006) seems to have been released.

    Couple of quick bugfixes?


    Overall, could you comment if this automated feedback/beta opt in (that was introduced a few version ago) is helping to fix/find bugs or it was somewhat not so effective?


    Beause I'm yet to find anything that bugs me. Today, however, there was ~5 second system hiccup (that never occurred before) - I think it was during FS update. Why I think so? Because soon after the hiccup I got toast message about FS upgrade.

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