Confused - can't figure out which product is right?


Hi, I am confused about the F-secure products, and need some guidance.

I need new security software for my pc (1 pc), and I have heard good things about F-secure.

However I don't get the way they bundle their services into products for the home user?

Basically I just need a firewall and antivirus software. Ransomware protection would also be great, but I already have a VPN-service.

I cannot figure out if they have a product with these 2-3 features (f-rewall, ant-virus, ransomware).

What am I missing here?

Thank you in advance.




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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    Just an addition to previous good reply and suggestion.

    I need new security software for my pc (1 pc)

    if your situation is about only one PC -> maybe good enough choice is F-Secure Internet Security:

    In general, it is like "F-Secure SAFE for one device" (original F-Secure SAFE is about "up to three devices").

    Price is £39.99 (compared to "up to three" -> £59.99).


    But F-Secure SAFE is more universal solution; F-Secure Internet Security is only about Windows platform.

    Also, there was small discussion about differences between F-Secure Internet Security and F-Secure SAFE:


    // during try to purchase F-Secure IS for one device -> shop-page with wording like 'F-Secure SAFE'; I'm not sure what is package after purchase (in fact). Maybe also F-Secure SAFE (for one-only device) with all its features.

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