Is it safe to use Freedome?

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I have been a Freedome user for a couple of years now. I have never had any issues, however I happened to come accross a webiste recently which allows you to see which torrents have been downloaded on the IP address you currently have assigned to your connection. After visiting the site, it appears my Freedome IP I had at the time had been used for verious illigal torrents downloads, the IP was also flagged as distributing illigal porn. I am pretty worried about this, as I do not want to be linked with an IP which is listed for such things.


I understand the whole point of Freedome VPN is that F-Secure cannot see what you are doing, but I understood it was not possible to download torrents on Freedome. I also understood F-Secure monitered traffic to try to spot illigal activity. It doesn't appear to have spotted the verious illigal activities which appear to be taking place. I have tested the site with multiple Freedome servers and they are also flagged. I use Freedome firstly because of the added tracking blocked, but also because I see it as a "safe" VPN and not run by some dodgy offshore island company. I didn't expect Freedome to be used for things like this. 


So my question, is it safe to use?





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    Hello Tommy600,


    Apologies for the delayed response.


    BitTorrent is blocked at several of our locations, but not everywhere, check the article here. There are also some cases when our service doesn’t detect traffic as BitTorrent right away, only after a short while (we don’t want to block BitTorrent like protocols such as Skype). If someone monitors BitTorrent traffic on the Internet, our “blocked” IPs may also show up as IPs where someone has ran BitTorrent.

    Our Terms Of Service as mentioned here doesn’t allow our service to be used for illegal purposes. Sadly, not all our users always follow the rules and some 3rd party “IP classification services” may flag our IPs based on that. We also don’t have any control of those 3rd party services or whether their ratings are reliable or not.

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