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Regarding F-Secure: xxxxxx: I love the response I'm getting from F-Secure Support ... Still, please hear me ... We have 1000mbps speed and get 500mpbs, 600mpbs, 700mpbs and sometimes over 800mbps download speeds with Freedome off ... With Freedome on, we get "at best" ( directly after reseting the DSN cache ) around 21mbps speed with Freedome on ... You can do the math, and see the difference, percentage wise, with Freedome on and with Freedome off ... Again, we love F-Secure ... F-Secure's Support Team is awesome ... With F-Secure our online privacy is fully protected ... So, I've only got "one word" to share here, "as a suggestion" for the future releases of Freedome ... And that "one word" is: Faster!


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