FREEDOME doesn't allow torrenting in any country now?

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While using FreeDome I tried to send some files to a friend through uTorrent and it didn't work so I thought I messed something up. But just in case I tried to download some random torrent. It started for a second, and then stopped. I switched to countries where no torrent restrictions should apply, but no. Have you not updated this page: or what is going on? Do have a new no-torrenting-policy? If that is the case, I'd like a refund on my remaining FreeDome subsciption.


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    Hello LoydMongo,


    May be it is possible that the block has started from one of the gateways limited by this restriction originally. Please try the following:

    - Make sure the network works OK
    - Start Freedome and connect to a location which is not limited by this restriction.
    - Make sure the network works OK, and check from, for example that the connection is really to that location
    - Start the torrent

    Please let us know if the connection is seen as from same location and if it gets blocked or not after the above steps.

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