Safari 12.0 on Mac OS blocks F-Secure SAFE browsing protection



Tonight I installed the latest Safari update on my Mac and right after I started Safari I got the message that Browsing Protection is considered a non-secure addon.

After that it was not possible to manually install the addon.






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    I'm only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Sounds that your experience is about such point:

    In addition, there is topic about beta F-Secure SAFE for Mac:

    where possible to read that one of changes with beta release is:

    •New Safari extension supporting the upcoming Safari version 12

    I think that if 'upcoming' is already released -> maybe F-Secure SAFE should to receive updates/upgrade soon.


    If not - maybe such upgrade will be with official release for 'upcoming' version.




    // added later:

    there is available Knowledgebase article about subject:

  • MDS
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    Agreed! I just lost safe browsing protection for my whole family when upgrading to Safari 12.0 across all our Mac. I would imagine Apple had a beta program for this new browser version, enabling F-Secure to get ahead of this change.


    F-Secure, please issue a formal statement on how and when we will get safe browsing back with Safari.

  • Laksh
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    Hello Everyone,


    This is a known issue, and our development team is working on the solution. The fix should be ready in SAFE's next release (17.4). Although there is not fixed date for the next SAFE release, you can expect it in October 2018.


    Please have a look at this article for more information.

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