Loss of wifi speed using Freedome

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I made a speedtest with my iphone, without freedome the download speed (wifi) was excellent 80, with freedome only 20. Have you experienced the same? Do you have similar, better, worse experience with other vpn providers?


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    Hello @OT-Lohja,


    May I ask you to try different network and check if the issue persists (i.e different Wi-Fi or data network)?


    Does it happen with all the locations or only with a particular virtual location? and have you tried to clear DNS cache? For ipad/iphone: Click here to see the steps how to flush DNS cahce on iOS


    Please refer this article describe what cause slow VPN issue.  Because we do not limit the speed on purpose, and the speed you're experiencing depends on a lot more than just the router. This article can also provide more information.

  • OT-Lohja
    OT-Lohja Posts: 4 New Member

    Thanks for the advice I rebooted my Ipad and used also the flight mode. That increased the speed but it is still slower than without freedome. The speed of wifi matters only in our Spanish home where we want to stream also from Finland.

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