F-Secure Safe not blocking Potentially Malicious Minecraft server

Hello, I am a User of F-Secure Safe. When i joined a Minecraft server by the address of whoatemybutter.privatedns.org, F-Secure Safe did NOT block it. At the time i wasnt aware that privatedns.org was HARMFUL. as whoatemybutter.privatedns.org is [likely] just hosted on a different port but definitively using the same service, it is Likely also harmful. Thanks in advanced.

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    I'm also only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    With my experience (browsing such URLs - but not visited them) -> both URLs are rated as harmful-pages.

    At least, indexed subdomain is rated as harmful too.


    Did you mean that your connection is under something like application? and connection to server is not prevented?

    Or your experience is about browser use?


    Also, in general, possible to transfer URLs to F-Secure Labs by using their F-Secure SAS page:




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