ULAV problem with Windows restart

Is this again me only or does somebody use and experience ULAV the same:

I have ULAVon WIndows 10  VMWare   guest.


Major updates on Windows host reset the active hours to something other than mine. When I forget to reset them and leave the host and quest on Windows restarts the host. The quest crashes, but can be restarted. Fortunately the quest Windows can be restarted, butthe problem is with F-Secure.

ULAV will not start anymore .


Fortunately uninstall and reinstall removes the problem.


Anybody else?


  • vadim170552
    vadim170552 Posts: 35 Explorer
    Without Bank protection it is not interesting to deal with it...
  • martink
    martink Posts: 419 Influencer

    I've got other PC's for banking, but would like Freedome privacy on other surfing as well.

  • Yes, almost the same issue I have faced too in my Hp laptop with windows 10, That time I visited many sites for finding the solution then hp Canada helped me alot to resolve this issue.

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