Reboots during a rescue disk scan


Is it possible that malware can cause reboots during a rescue disk scan? I've been fighting off a malware infection for the last few days, and then today the machine started rebooting, or failing to boot. I assumed it was the malware, and so ran the f-secure bootable scan cd, but the machine would reboot before the program was able to scan. I assume it's impossible for malware to do this (when booted from a cd), but am asking to be sure.


Thanks in advance for any thoughts...


  • MJ-perComp
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    as malware from the drive you are inspecting can not be active I guess you have a different (hardware) problem!


    Please start the system, open a commandline, then execute "chkdsk c: /R" and reboot. This will issue a deep inspection o fthe HDD.



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