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I try to log in with my provider Cogeco canada and it says can't  connect to the Freedome server??

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  • PavitraPavitra Posts: 81
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    Hi Fubu,


    This article provides steps to log in for Freedome to activate the app.


    If the above steps as per article didn't work, I would suggest you to get in touch with Cogeco canada support to investigate further on the issue.


    Thank you


  • Hi Fubu,


    Welcome to F-Secure Community!


    Could you provide the following details for further checking on this issue:


    1. On which device are you trying to connect ? Can we know which operating system you're using?

    2. Where did you purchase Freedome?  Is it Freedome from TOTAL?

    3. What is the error message do you get when trying to login?


    Thank you

  • FubuFubu Posts: 2

    Windows 10 desktop bought it through cogeco canada

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