my website is identfy as harmful

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Dear Sir/Madam 


I am 100% sure my website is just an simple business website in hk. I dont know why it is identfied as harmful by f secure. Could you remove it from the list? I am using godaay as web host, and they have no idea either


If possible , could you explain why it happen? 

this is my website :


  • happy3
    happy3 Posts: 2 New Member

    thanks for reply 


    i have an quick question...

    may i know why this would happen? 


    actually i just created my website(wordpress everything is up to date) for few days...


    My website is currently identify as  Malicious Sites by McAfee and f secure either. 
    However my website is an simple website to promote my business(phone repair shop) with text/picture only. 
    And for that,I have done several scan and test already for checking. it passed all test including passing google safe browsing but only Domain blacklisted by SiteAdvisor (McAfee) 
    I discovered that it was blocked by f secure either only becasue i am using f secure on my computer, otherwise i wont know that......
    ( this is my website : ) 
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    You should ask for more detail about the analysis of your web site by filling the requested information,usually these "home made" sites are "false positives" and will be marked as safe sites.

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