VPN installation requirements

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Which particular items are required to be activated on either/both the PC and the Modem for VPN to work properly:  

IPSec Pass Through  ?

PPTP Pass Through ?

L2TP Pass Through ?


Are any of the following

Application Layer Gateway Settings
required to be off or on ? :
FTP  ?
Kerb88 ?
NetBios ?
Ike ?
Kerb1293 ?
H225 ?
ICQ  ?
IRC666x ?
ICQTalk ?
Net2phone ?
IRC7000 ?
IRC8000 ?


IF Ping Blocking is enabled, does this prevent VPN from working?

Does VPN not work when "Hardened Mode" is on ?  i.e. with certain firewalls, security systems.?

Is VPN hindered by having the Modem set such that only specific MAC addresses can connect?


I am asking, because I like to know the requirements before I buy.   If you don't know, then ask someone

who does know, within the company.   Thank You!


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