virus and spyware protection malfunction



since 29/7/18  i have been receiving the subject message about every 22 minutes .

it tells me to restart my computer ,which clears the problem for about 22 mins .

so every 22 mins i have to reboot my pc .

i am running windows 10 home .

any help to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated



ps i do not have rapport software installed , which seemed to be a problem in the past



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    I think that most useful option is to contact their direct official F-Secure Support Channels (chat as example):

    Just as own tries to investigate more -> maybe good to add some more information like:

    -> does it twenty two minutes of idle is also enough?

    With meanings: after restart system and do not use it (just idle state) twenty two minutes - what is result?  """virus and spyware protection malfunction"""?


    ->  does it indeed such trouble is reproduced one month already?

    since 29/7/18  i have been receiving 

    or did you mean that it started only today?


    -- if "one month" - does 'reinstall F-Secure" is option (with clean up by their F-Secure Uninstallation Tool before installing and after uninstalling)?

    -- if "one day" (and trouble is reproduced with system idle state) - maybe good to doublecheck that all of potential updates are installed (system updates, third-party background updates and own F-Secure updates). Possible to check list of F-Secure updates by rightclick F-Secure tray-logo and choose "Check updates" (or Open common settings).


    Also, maybe it is good to know your system/OS and version of F-Secure solution.



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