Freedome VPN connection not activating on Ipad (Ios 11.4.1{

My home network changed and after that the Freedome VPN does not start. The VPN logo does not appear to top left corner and I can’t use the device with Freedome. Freedome is trying to contact and it does not succeed even over longer time period.


I have already removed the vpn settings twice and removed and reinstalled Freedome. I have also restarted the device several times.


  • Sarza
    Sarza Posts: 3

    I do have DNA connection and Sagemcom modem, but the IPSec PassThrough was already enabled so it can’t help here either.

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,444 Forum Super Master

    Thanks for keeping us posted, Sarza. Glad to know you found the answer.



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