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I have license for 3 computers. On the second desktop, only used as a 'back up' desktop with rather long intervalls, the F-Secure plays up on me and won't work.

Whatever I do I end up with information that 'Your computer is not protected' and when I click for

SUPPORT a page displaying 3 alternatives  of which one says 'Continue to this website is not recommended' and thats it.

 How can I 'valididate' the program and make it working?


My license for 3 computers is valid till 1 of November 2019.


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Maybe it is good to know your version of OS. For example, current F-Secure stable solution for Windows (as example) with system requirements as Windows 7 SP1 and higher.

    If your system is Windows and Vista or previous versions -> most likely installed F-Secure solution still works - but it is not possible to reinstall or do clean installation under such system; furthermore - likely that some updates are not applied to unsupported systems and it can be a reason for "Your computer is not protected".


    It is also can be an explanation for troubles with browser (as unsupported or discontinued Windows system or its default browser). Otherwise, good to perform some of things:


    -> when you launch your second desktop - good to check and install all of available system updates.

    -> then good to doublcheck that F-Secure with all installed updates (it is not so speedy with occasional use). Possible to doublecheck it by "rightclick" F-Secure tray picture -> Open Common Settings and check Updates list (and choose "Check updates"-button).


    Another suggestion is to scan system against malicious items (what if all of noted troubles are based on harmful impact).


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