Freedome Dosen't Connect "Semi-Fix"

MozartW Posts: 3 New Member

so i recently had issues with freedome not wanting to connect at all to any server with version 2.12 i know its a little old version but i haven't had any updates before today where it was 2.16 i got which also had some issues with the connection to the servers but i found out that Downgrading to 1.8 and then update it again up to the latest version would help so if anybody have this issue just follow these step's


1. Stop trying to connect to any freedome servers

2. Close freedome with Task Manager

3. Downgrade with Freedome.exe to what ever version it sends you to (Which you can find by searching in you Search bar)

4. start Freedome and see if it connects if it does then Right Click on your little freedome logo in the right side of the Task Bar and click "Search for Updates"

5. keep updating till you have the latest version and it should work


If this dosen't fix it then ask the F-Secure Support Team here -->



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