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I would like to buy F-secure freedome vpn. Is there any promo code to use, to get the product cheaper?





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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    I think that there are promo codes to use it as kind of promotion or discount (officially provided by F-Secure or by third-parties), but I am not sure if there is official special place to get it.


    My own feelings - that it is possible to start use F-Secure Freedome as trial software and if then will be all OK -> (maybe) to purchase it if, for example, software will promote some discounts itself.

    Otherwise good to monitor F-Secure own official channels like their Twitter or other social media resources (where time to time can be published some promotions, discounts or kind of vouchers):

    Or trying to search web for their third party 'partners' (and their own activities).


    It is my own unofficial feelings. Good if F-Secure official Staff will reply something.





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