FS Protection PC Release 220

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F-Secure One Client SAFE 4.00.3863


Known Issues:

  • There is no subscription reminder when subscription is about to expire.

Fixed Issues:

  • Help title is not localized properly (PBL-3792)
  • Flyer button colors are incorrect on Windows 7 (PBL-3849)
  • Help for 'View Messages' is outdated (PBL-3840)
  • Downloads page gets stuck to 100% (PBL-3836)
  • License is not released in uninstall (PBL-3830)
  • 'View Messages' third button is wrong size (PBL-3806)
  • Switch profile allows selecting the current profile (PBL-3801)
  • Link to 'User management' opens 'Programs and Features' (PBL-3781)
  • 'View my subscription' does nothing (PBL-3773)
  • Registry keys are not cleaned up in uninstallation (PBL-3754)
  • Mouse icon doesn't change when over link in Event history (PBL-3736)
  • Text truncation in network installer (ru, pl) (PBL-3706)
  • French web site list strings (PBL-3600)
  • Banking protection / browser plugin issues (PBL-3605)
  • Browsing protection not shown without restart (PBL-3652)
  • Unclear wording in PUA toast (PBL-3704)
  • LOC: "Your computer is not protected" translation ends wrongly with period
  • SAFE_BUG-02427: Scheduled scan string too long (PBL-3746)
  • Ransomware protection switch not working correctly in one scenario (PBL-3748)
  • "Turn on" OAS from the notification does not work (PBL-3750)
  • Product allow to add duplicate Protected folders (PBL-3756)
  • PUA flyer wrong buttons (PBL-3776)
  • Text and links missing from Family Rules page (PBL-3787)
  • SAFE_BUG-02442: Strange view of scan log reports (PBL-3789)
  • SAFE_BUG-02443: F-Secure support tool privacy policy mistakes (PBL-3799)
  • SAFE_BUG-02423: New IE extension does not work in 64bit EPM mode (PBL-3802)
  • Virus protection reported as OK when OAS disabled (PBL-3807)
  • DeepGuard blocked items list not updated (PBL-3831)
  • "Setup parental control for someone else" not visible (PBL-3847)
  • "?" menu highlight rendering problem (PBL-3854)


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