cannot use anti virus F-secure safe internet security


I just bought F-Secure Safe Internet Security for 3 devices and only used it once. So that means, i have another 2 devices left. But the problem is, i cant installed it anymore for my next laptop. It being said that i had used for maximum devices. Unfortunately, i only used it once.  

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    I'm also only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    Maybe it is good to add some more information:

    -> what is your device's platform? OS?

    -> does your purchase is from official F-Secure store? Or from third-party?

    -> and does it indeed F-Secure SAFE or F-Secure Internet Security (only)? Also, it is good to doublecheck that susbcription is for three (up-to-three devices; 1-3) and not for 'one device" (single device) subscription.


    In general, with F-Secure SAFE: should be possible to login into your "My F-Secure Account" ( and check information there.

    with F-Secure Internet Security: should be possible to re-use 'licences' (release all and re-use it only under active devices) as part of installation flow;

    but it should be valid 'sort-steps' only if your experience is about "up to three devices" subscription and just 'randomly' two another licences goes be used (even if it is about "one device" subscription - I think that such design should work for one-device subscription too - but what if there is limitation or exception of design). But it is not an explanation for 'reached limits'(??) - so - what is exact notification by F-Secure and when (during which step)?


    Basically, for except own tries and steps to doublecheck count of subscription's devices -> possible to contact F-Secure Official Support Channels (chat as example) for clarification:



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