Subscription code will not verify in FREEDOME Android app on Chromebook

AJT Posts: 2 New Member

hi, I installed and paid for the Android app on an Asus Chromebook, which generally runs Android apps without problems. When I enter the subscription code I get "Could not verify your code. Please try again later". Tried several times with same result. Has anyone succeeded in running the app on a Chromebook? 



  • Pavitra
    Pavitra Posts: 81 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi AJT,


    Welcome to F-Secure Community!


    I have moved your post from FS Safe to FS Freedome Board.


    Chrome book is working on Chrome OS which is not a supported Operating System for Freedome. FS Freedome supports the following Operating Systems as listed here


    Thank you



  • AJT
    AJT Posts: 2 New Member

    Actually, the trial version of Freedome seems to work just fine on my Chromebook  -- I'm able to set up and use VPN connections. It is only the subscription code functionality that seems to fail. Does anyone know of a work-around? Is there a plan to formally support ChromeOS in the future?

  • TifaOng
    TifaOng Posts: 32 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi AJT,


    Freedome is not supported on Chromebook at this moment, however, I will highlight this to the Freedome product team.


    Thank you for your feedback.

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