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I would like F-secure to add a few options like the ability to..


Exclude processes from real-time scanning.


Its very useful when using streaming applications..


Exclude Safe Websites from real-time scanning.


I have hade major problems with watching videos at and listing to news at its very      annoying..F-secure simply scans to much an causes delays all the time..its quite often I turn off real-time

scanning because of all delays..


I know that F-secure wants to keep it as simple as possible.But I would like F-secure to add

like an Expert view for advanced options and Basic view for novice that way the users can choose the view that

best suites the users needs

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    Excluding save webpages from scanning could be a problem. You should always assume that no site is safe from malicious changes. What happens when a normal user mark a page to be safe and it suddenly contains malicious code? Who is to blame then? Regards, motec-data
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    ya motec-data is right  any site can contain a malicious things so we cant say precisely that this or that site is safe. This shouldnt be so but unfortunately it is 

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    Hi Danne,


    Please contact your support on the issues regarding streming applications and watching videos on youtube. It seems that you have issues with them and our support can assist you on troubleshooting and fixing it. You can find information on how to contact our support at


    Our design principle is great usability by simplifying the user interface. But it’s true that more experienced users would like to have more possibilities on modifying how the product works. We will consider this in our future versions.





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    Not a problem anymore, so closing.


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