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The F-secure software inteferes with many websites (Natwest credit card, autoglass booking, provident insurance documents). Websites would display "page not found" or "contact it services" etc. So I removed F secure and all is well!! Went with charity antivirus.


There is being secure and there is being paranoid!


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    There was discussion about recent troubles with getting proper reputation and rating for websites.

    For example, such topic:

    I think that your experience may be about such 'temporary' trouble. Or did you mean that such view is too often and was always?

    I think that "page not found" can be visible if F-Secure Browsing Protection addon is disabled (or unsupported) but page (HTTPS) is blocked by F-Secure. I feel that it is only ability to receive such impact for random website. I'm not sure that F-Secure software (but which one?) should to create situation when random websites would display "page not found"; but my own experience is about using Content Blocker feature of F-Secure SAFE (with 'uncategorized'-category) - as result - I do able to receive such "page not found" (or delays with loading page) for any website during noted 'temporary' trouble.

    If I do not use "Content blocker" -> such impact is only about harmful/suspicious-rated HTTPS websites and disabled Browsing Protection addon. For except minutes when something broken with F-Secure side as temporary trouble.



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    Hi @Darren1


    Try to reinstall F-Secure then attempt to access those webpages again. Reinstallation will reset your Family Rules settings to default which could be the reason for the earlier restriction.


    These sites have safe ratings and should not be blocked by F-Secure. You may submit the exact URL in the below link for lab testing or contact our Support for further assistance.


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