Freedome on Mac crashing after waking up from sleep (Wifi captive portal)

Gryzo Posts: 5 New Member

Dear all,


I have this situation in which Freedome on a Mac (latest version of Freedome and Mac OS) crashes when the system comes back from a sleep and has Wifi with a captive portal.

Does this ring a bell with someone ?


What happens

- Come into this place where internet is via Wifi with a captive portal 

- Mac connects to this Wifi network, captive portal opens, provide username / password.

- Start Freedome, work along nicely

- (when the MacBook is idle, it goes to sleep)

- (somehow Freedome and the network stack get confused. Still connected to the Wifi but no internet connectivity, sometimes the only way to revive network is switching Wifi-off and backon)

- wake MacBook, see that Freedome has crashed.


I can provide a file




  • Gryzo
    Gryzo Posts: 5 New Member

    Just created a post on a similar issue


    Mac OS: 10.13.6

    Freedome: 2.20.5548.0

  • Pavitra
    Pavitra Posts: 81 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Gryzo,


    Welcome to F-Secure Community!


    Does it keep connecting and show any error message? Is it happening recently after any changes?


    Thank you

  • Gryzo
    Gryzo Posts: 5 New Member

     I get an error page from Freedome "Error, Something went wrong, we are sorry." and I can only click "Cancel" or "Send error report"


    Clicking "Cancel", allows me to then to reconnect Freedome.


    For a screenshot see:


    Does this help ?





  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Gryzo,


    Our product team is aware of the issue and the fix is included in the forthcoming version. For now, the Workaround is to enable the killswitch feature from settings.

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