Computer is not protected


I have been getting a warning saying,"Your computer is not protected. Your liceince has expired or it has been removed, renew subscription now to stay protected. "RENEW"

If I load F-Secure later It works OK, Then next day the warning is repeated.



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    I'm only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Maybe good to know more information:

    -> what is your system/OS/platform? and its version?

    (Windows? Windows 7, Windows 10?)

    -> what is your F-Secure solution?

    (F-Secure SAFE? F-Secure Internet Security? F-Secure AV?)

    -> what is 'load F-Secure later'? Does it restart/reboot system? Or it is about reinstallation F-Secure solution?

    In general, maybe good to re-check some points like:

    -> that 'ability to check subscription status' is not blocked by any other potential software. But I'm not sure if it is possible (but just like potential point about troubles with communications between F-Secure side and your system).

    -> to be sure that you are only owner of subscription and no one else know your licence code or subscription (and and does not able to re-use 'device'-licences for own use. just like clear all other ones).

    if your experience is about F-Secure SAFE and you are part of "SAFE circle" - it is possible to ask owner of group about situation. If you are owner of SAFE subscription - maybe it is possible to login into your "My F-Secure Account" ( and check status of device there (during client side notification).



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