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What does it take for a site to be designated "harmful" by F-Secure?  The warning says the site is "reported to be harmful" .  Do false reports happen or are these warnings very well documented?  The site in question was a Bloombergquint.com/onweb account on a Drudge link. Thanks.


  • georgehanson
    georgehanson Posts: 1 New Member

    The F-Secure program will try to block or consider certain  websites as a potential risk. This also might be highly considered as a false-positive file. To attend to this issue, we have a Sample Analysis Department (SAS) to help verify these files. Kindly send these samples for verification to our SAS team. They will then liaise the issue with you directly. Please go to the link below to submit the website.





    Hello Sethu, I sent the website to check how long the moderation usually takes?

  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 846 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @georgehanson 


    While our Anti-Malware Unit (AMU) try to ensure that all cases are promptly attended to, please note that all the cases that coming from SAS are prioritized on first come first serve basis.


    However, if yours is a matter of urgency, kindly provide us with your SAS case number that will be generated once you have submitted the file/URL and we will notify the AMU for a swift action.

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