Time limits on Android

Has anyone experienced F-Secure SAFE parental control time limits ever working correctly?

I have tested time limits on various devices - at the moment my children's Moto G5S Plus mobiles - both would use for example Minecraft for an hour or even more if I have set parental control time limits to 15 minutes. And yes, I have set Minecraft as an application on time-based access. It is not only Minecraft, it doesn't seem to be remotely correct for any time-based application.


It is working perfectly on a Windows based F-Secure SAFE though.


Is there any way to make this feature work as designed?


Thanks so much for your ideas!


current version of F-Secure SAFE

Android 7.1.1 patch level June 2018


  • Ukko
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    I'm also only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    In general, my own experience is about normal work of time limits with recent days.

    But there are some limitations (kind of bypass steps to such limits) and maybe potential situation that applying 'blocking' application should be restarted or re-opened.

    For example, if I launch application and use it -> and time limits is reached -> with some situations I still do able to use application before any further steps around (open/close application or switch to another and so on).

    Maybe it is good to know exact steps with your experience. For example, you set up time limits to fifteen minutes. Then such limits are visible under device. Then you launch application and do able to use it for an hour or even more? Right? It is just interesting to me (as potential try to repeat it).



  • Bembel
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    Dear Ukko,


    I have already set my kids' time limit to 15 minutes because I learned that I couldn't really trust them.


    At the moment I hand them out their mobile phone and they ask whether they could play their daily 15 minutes and they start doing so - playing Minecraft or any other app - and the notification area pop-up usually says something like "14 minutes left for the day". Half an hour later I ask them it still says something like a few minutes even though their time should have been up for a while now.


    To be honest I haven't checked it thoroughly but it was never accurate which is the reason why I decreased their time to 15/30 minutes a day knowing that it might be much longer. Some days this is OK and I let them play longer, some days I need to set an alarm myself to be reminded.


    If you have any other question please let me know!

  • Subscriber113
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    Also has Moto G5 for my kid and a time limit problem, but in my case I have set 2 hours per day, but sometimes in the morning I see that there is only 1 hour left.
    The particular time left doesn't matter, it is about deacreasing the time counter, while the phone in a sleep mode.

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