Frozen on "analyzing your startup items"

I had Little Flocker on my MacBook Pro and just did an auto update to F-Secure XFENCE. When I restarted after the update, I got a window with the message: "F-Secure XFENCE is analyzing your startup items." The progress clock (or whatever you call it) finished long ago and clicking the "My System Has Finished Booting" button does nothing. So right now I'm stuck with this unmovable window covering the middle of my monitor.  I tried restarting but the same thing happened.  It's been at least half an hour (maybe longer) and as far as I can see nothing is happening. Any advice on resolving or should I just uninstall and try again? Thanks.




  • Pavitra
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    Hi BradPetersen,


    We will get back to you with any updates on this.


    Thank you

  • BradPetersen
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    FYI, it finally went away after an hour or two, but without suggesting any rules. It hasn't recurred on two subsequent restarts.

  • Pavitra
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    Hi BradPetersen,


    Thanks for keeping us posted.



  • Tux
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    Thank you for the report, we have not seen this behaviour before but will try to reproduce the problem and see what is going on. If you wish to disclose what programs you have in your Login Items, please send me the list in a PM as it might give us some pointers where to look at.




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