Freedome trusted network subnets?


Why isn't devices in different subnets available even wifi has been enabled as trusted on freedome (android). When you connect to ie wifi network (trusted) you can access, ping, ssh etc devices on network but NOT devices in

Some people (maybe) are using tablet/android devices for fast work these days in different network segments for conveniency instead of laptop (ssh, web mgmt etc). Another segments work ok if you disable freedome.


Maybe I'm missing a point but couldn't other private segments be allowed? It would be nice atleast to be able to specify trusted segments if it is bad security idea. Or is this some routing problem with freedome vpn.

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  • PavitraPavitra Posts: 81 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi fozters,


    We will get back to you with any updates on this.


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  • foztersfozters Posts: 3

    Thanks for clarifying! In case you have Freedome VPN + F-Secure device agent installed on android device, when you disable freedome, does it make the device vulnerable for threats or does the device agent still give some protection? Thanks ahead!

  • PavitraPavitra Posts: 81 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi fozters,


    F-Secure Device Agent is an application that allows Freedome for Business to work with the PSB Portal. Could you please give more information what it means by disable Freedeome?


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  • foztersfozters Posts: 3

    Aah, okay. By disabling I meant switching off, but of your describtion of device agent I think it means: Freedome off = protection off, thanks!

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