Watching USA Netflix via VPN

mushaisa Posts: 2 New Member

I have a US Netflix account, everytime I try to watch US programs, it gives me a network error. How can use Freedome so I can watch my programs from home that are not available at my current location? Thanks


  • Chameni
    Chameni Posts: 234 F-Secure Employee

    Hi Mushaisa,


    Netflix has started to block VPN users, including our F-Secure Freedome customers. We have limited possibilities to prevent external 3rd party from blocking us. There are multiple ways how such blocking can be done. For instance, should someone want to block connections coming from our network addresses in their firewall, they are completely free to do so, and they do not need our permission to do that.

    We expect customers to respect the terms of third-party services that they access via our services. The Terms of Service for F-Secure Freedome can be found here:

    You could also contact Netflix to change their VPN blocking policy.

    Reference to Netflix Help in regards to VPN blocking is available here:


    Thank you

  • mushaisa
    mushaisa Posts: 2 New Member



    thanks for your response, then Freedome is not a product that will work for me. How do I get a refund for my yearly subscription?




    Andres M

  • Chameni
    Chameni Posts: 234 F-Secure Employee

    Hi Mushaisa,


    Kindly contact our support team via chat or phone here in order to process the refund request. Refund requests need to be done by our support team and cannot be done here in the Community. 


    Thank you.

  • johneva
    johneva Posts: 1 New Member

    Glad to see that Freedom and PureVPN works with Netflix. 

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