How can I change e-mail addresse in the account info?

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The account settings is only letting me change password, not e-mail. I'm switching e-mail boxes and the one currently in the account info is going to be deleted. So how can I change my e-mail?


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    Ok, found my answer only after posting this, search didn't work. I did try to search the question before posting...


    I contacted the customer support by telephone, and they told me they can cancel my subscription as I had just paid to renew it, and then I could create a completely new account with a new subscription. Which seems like unnecessary work.


    Alternatively I can continue using my old e-mail as user name, but since the mail box is going to be deleted, I won't be able to retrieve password, should I lose it.


    This really sucks. They told me it's because of safety reasons, but I say it's just poor customer service. Why not allow logging in with one's banking info or other way that is accepted by the government and all official services?


    So the answer is actually no, you can't change your e-mail, not even by contacting support. Though that answer was given in the previous topic.

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    Sorry for my reply.

    I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    So the answer is actually no, you can't change your e-mail, not even by contacting support.

    My experience is about success with changing mail-address for My F-Secure Account (per request to Support). It was not fresh story and maybe something goes be with changes (maybe based on malicious exploiting such design?)


    But maybe possible to re-try and discuss situation with their chat(?):

    when chat is available.

    what if it was misundertanding about concern during phone discussion.

    For example, there is still available Knowledgebase article about subject:

    with certain visible statement about abilities to do so (but if your previous mail-address is not valid anymore ALREADY - maybe possible to provide more information about this state to Support and to add some other 'validations' that it is indeed your F-Secure account).



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