how to remove, F-secure scaned my pc but it is still there, could someone shed  some light on?



  • Ukko
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    There was discussion about general meanings around unwanted pop-ups/adware and other things:


    Maybe some suggestions can be useful for your current experience too.

    In general, I feel that you have to doublecheck next things (and if more clear instructions 'how to do it' are needed - good to back with reply and ask):

    ->> to open system (Windows?!) Control Panel or another place where possible to manage installed applications. Look for any suspicious installed applications and uninstall them. Basically, good to check something with words like your 'aclassigned'-keyword  OR recently installed applications (and unknown for you).

    ->> doublecheck that your browsers with only known and trusted extensions and addons.

    there is F-Secure 'tips' about:

    ->> possible to doublecheck by 'rightclick' your browser desktop's shortcut : Preferences - that path to browser.exe only with clear view and there is not any suspicious words/additions.


    another suggestions are available with noted topic. And maybe good to start from these steps; then to do next steps with received 'feedback'.

    ALSO, did you mean that F-Secure Scan will detect such item? But does not remove it? OR such item is visible with your browsing experience or system use? And F-Secure does not detect it at all?



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    F- secure scaned and found no problem at all, but when using IE or Google  the ad popping up all the time

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    @Tilly123 wrote:

    F- secure scaned and found no problem at all, but when using IE or Google  the ad popping up all the time



    Good to re-check next things:

    -> what if Control Panel (List of installed applications) with visible suspicious applications; or with any other recently added items. Good to uninstall them - if it is unknown applications for you OR if it is about 'suspicious' (and related to advertisements) name. For example, such '' may be part of bundle from any other installed software.

    For Windows:


    -> check browser's extensions and addons. some of them may be malicious. your experience is about two browsers - so, maybe both browsers with such extension or addon; also, it is unclear does advertisements popping up all the time indeed OR only with certain steps/actions?


    But, basically, it is possible to use tools like Malwarebytes solutions for doublescan or direct scan against unwanted applications; other steps from previous reply are also valid.


    Else one option is try to contact F-Secure Official Support Channels (chat as example):

    and ask them for assistance.

    For example, there is 'F-Secure policy' about potentially unwanted applications and unwanted applications:

    if your experience is about 'undetected' suspicious item - good to receive help from F-Secure for further improve their detection rate; If it is possible to manage items (related to 'adware') -> good to transfer it to F-Secure Labs for analysis:

    I think that if F-Secure does not detect it -> maybe should be possible to remove/uninstall such 'threat' by common steps. By removing it from 'system designed place as Add/Remove programms'; disabling/removing addon or extension. But for proper clean up - some additional steps are needed (most likely).



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