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Hi all


This occurs for me only after upgrade to Android 8 (it does not show with 7 and lower). This on more than one device. It is possible, that Android 8 simply does not handle running background apps the same as version 7.

The "Screen Overlay" Function unfortunately does not help with this.


Disable notifications of my security app is not an option.


If anybody has something about this, please post :)
F-Secure too? Smiley Wink




  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Since your topic is not fresh - I just decided to ask about next point:

    - did you find any suitable workaround for you?


    Just because I found that "notification picture" is probably already expected design with Android 8(+?). And this main one (F-Secure) works as indicator that solution is OK and running.


    Yes, F-Secure with options to disable them by its system functionality (but to disable notifications is not an option as you wrote). With my Android 8.1.0 device:
    - tap "Notification" and choose "All categories" (or navigate to this screen by system setting menus; "App notifications").

    - main one is listed as only one of all available ones. And I am not sure what is impact of disable only this one. Otherwise, I found that such logo is not too much trouble for me.



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