Freedome Disconnects At Startup

Connah Posts: 4 New Member

Since the last update Freedome connects after sleep/startup and then immeadiatley disconnects before reconnecting. Not a massive issue but very annoying. Is this a known issue?


This is on Windows 10 64 bit using the UK node. A reinstall of Freedome hasn't fixed this.


I'm thinking it could be something to do with the kill switch option being added although I don't use this.


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Connah,


    Does it happen with some other locations as well?


  • nieminenjani
    nieminenjani Posts: 1 New Member

    I have a similar issue, about two weeks ago, when coming back from sleep, freedome try to connect but then gives generic error message that something went wrong. Can connect after I go back to the app and reconnect but thats's annoying. Using macbook. anyway to solve the issue?

  • Richard6
    Richard6 Posts: 2 Observer

    Same problem here waking from sleep on iMac.  I get a message of a problem with Freedome then get asked for permission to look at the computer and finally a zip file is created I am supposed to send somewhere. Odd I think.

  • Connah
    Connah Posts: 4 New Member

    It's still happening for me, i resume my PC from sleep and Freedome connects, disconnects and then connects again. Sometimes it can connect and reconnect 3 times before esablishing a stable connection. 

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