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Hello, I have a question about F-Secure Mobile Security; With firewall's "normal"-setting in Nokia N8 MobSec won't let JoikuSpot Premium to operate. If you choose "allow all"-setting, JoikuSpot works as it should. There is also "custom"-option available in firewall settings. Can anybody here please tell me, what should be done, or is wise to do any customise changes there at all. I am not any expert in these, for sure. Thanks, vvaino.


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    Tried find some information regarding this, The only answer from JoikuSpot i found was " Please lower the security level to "Low". It will allow the usage of WLAN ad hoc networks." Witch i dont think is the best solution. 


    Maybee someone else here know what ports to be opened for WLAN ad hoc networks? 


    Another idea could be if its possible to write an email to JoikuSpot and ask what ports need to be opened for this to work.

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    Hi Waino,


    The problem is that we do not see a SYN packet that comes to the device, because JoikuSpot is hooking and forwarding the packet before F-Secure Mobile Security firewall. To change the hooking so that we would see the first packet is not enough because the connections for JoikuSpot are formed from the outside. In addition, when the Wifi device(e.g. a laptop) is connected to JoikuSpot, it could be using any port/service for the communication, hence for the time being the easiest solution is to put the firewall to allow all -mode when starting JoikuSpot.


    Best regards,


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    Thanks for your quick answer, @Jouni. I'll do as you said and use the

    "allow all" setting when using the JoikuSpot and put firewall back to "normal"

    after I have turned JoikuSpot off.



  • Elektronikrob




    Regarding the firewall, are there plans in the near future of allowing exceptions for trusted programs similar to how F-Secure Internet Security operates? Though the PC version will automatically add exceptions to programs that are installed.


    I kind of followed the explanation by Jouni with the external 'hooking' and firewall issue.


    I do know that Joiku has its own internal firewall. I guess this question is directed more at Jouni.


    Thank you in advance!



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