My subscription works, but cannot access account or code. Automatic Re-new?

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I've set up a F-secure Freedome account with a full 5 device subscription when downloading the software onto my mac. Only now when I am trying to get another device onto my subscription I can't access my account. I have no idea of the email used for the subscription or the code given to me to access it. I have no access to the any previous email or messages regarding my subscription only that i have it downloaded onto my device. 


The only other query I have is that if I cannot access my account in the future, does the F-secure subcription re-new automatically once it has finished and if so how do I stop this without accessing the account.


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    Hello Ddot,


    Please get in touch with our support team via chat or phone here to get information regarding your subscription. Subscription enquiries will need support help as it cannot be handled in the community.


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