Event log Update after Update 17.4


Since the update to version 17.4, I can not delete the event log anymore. Does anyone have any idea how to delete the log?


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    Based on next topic:


    it is not possible (currently).

    Even though I would also like to be with option to clear "Events list" - but just interesting - what is reason to delete the log (with your experience)? Too much many entries?


    Some workarounds (which I feel) -> if there are too many entries - it is possible to sort it by 'headers' and will be more structured view for only 'wanted' ones.

    Another option is to reinstall FS Protection (if you are Administrator of system); or some other 'undesigned' steps (which is not good).

    Also, I used "delete" log -> because it was not possible to remove/delete only certain entries. So, my own opinion that it is good to have option to delete/remove/clear only checked entries (rather than full "Events"-list).



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    Hello and thank you for your message!

    The many entries disturb me personally and make it confusing.
    Previously, I was able to delete the entries after a week and had all new news directly in view.

    The deletion of all log files in the program folder F-Secure unfortunately only causes no more events to be entered. Unfortunately, I have not found the right file yet.

    It would be very nice if the team of F-Secure reinstall the delete function.


    Thank you for your help!



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    The deletion of all log files in the program folder F-Secure unfortunately only causes no more events to be entered. 


    Sorry for potential confusion. I did not mean to delete all logs from folder manually (I marked such steps as ""or some other 'undesigned' steps (which is not good).""). And, in general, with current design -> events should be stored with good 'storage' and maybe with 'backup' (so, probably, it is pretty tricky to do manually). But I'm also only F-Secure user (and it is only my own unofficial feelings) - maybe there is something as undocumented abilities.


    I meant that I also 'used' the functionality of deleting all entries/events - because too many entries were strange (OR some of 'bogus' entries were unnecessary. And it would be nice to remove them. But there was an opportunity only to delete everything at once. Although option to remove only certain ones is more friendly).

    The many entries disturb me personally and make it confusing.

    Just like this maybe. While ability to sort events by 'time' / 'headers' is pretty enough for brief look only for interesting events.





    // also, maybe after your current tries to 'clean up' logs -> your F-Secure SAFE installation may be with broken state. Maybe it is good to perform complete reinstallation for sure that protection is perfect.

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    There is a way to delete the Event history but it is a way around:
    All steps described are at your own risk and I recommend exactly to follow the steps in
    the order listed to avoid any harm on your computer:
    1. Disconnect your W-LAN or LAN (important as you are shutting down F-Secure services).
    2. Then go over Start -> Windows Administrative Tools -> Services
    3. Stop following 4 services (right click and choose in pulldown "Stop"):
    - F-Secure Hoster
    - F-Secure Hoster (Restricted)
    - F-Secure Ultralight Hoster
    - F-Secure Ultralight ORSP Client
    4. NOTE: from this point on you do not have any Internet Security Protection as all services
    are shut down now
    5. Go on your Windows Desktop Screen and double-click on "This PC" -> choose drive C (your system drive) -> Folder "ProgramData" (your settings must allow to show hidden items) -> F-Secure -> EventHistory
    6. Delete the file "event" (only possible when services are stopped, otherwise you will get an alert that file
    is currently in use), it is the only one existing file in this folder
    7. Reboot your system and after successfully logged in Windows, F-Secure services are automatically restarted and you only must reconnect to your W-LAN or LAN
    8. Go on the F-Secure tray icon on the right side of the taskbar and right click to choose in the pull-up menu the Events History. There is no entry anymore.

    This has been tested a couple of times on my laptop and I didn't experience any issue.
    System: Windows 10 Pro Spring Creators Update 18.03 Build 17134.228

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