I can't get freedome to work

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So, I bought Freedome total 5 days ago online. It worked very well for 3 days, then it kinda died. Everything was normal in the morning, but when I came home during the evening, freedome didn't seem to connect to any virtual location. It just said "connecting..." for like a half an hour. So then I deleted the app from my laptop and my phone, logged in again, but it would not let me anymore. Everytime I tried to log in, it always said that I don't have any licenses left anymore and that I had to release one I don't need anymore. I released one and it let me log in and name a new device and everything seemed working just fine, BUT after the last page that says "Congrats! You are now using Freedome to the fullest!" I pressed "ok" and my phone threw me to the front page of Freedome; it looked like I didn't do anything at all. It was still the free version of freedome, only with the app security. I have repeated this many times now, and every time Freedome says “Congrats!” but after I press “ok”, it’s still the same free version. App does not work on my phone nor on my laptop. What’s wrong?


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    Hi Murkki,


    When you go to the Subscriptions page in Freedome, do you see it as trial?


    Are there only 2 devices in which you have Freedome - which is your laptop and mobile?

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