FS Protection for Mac build 20273 released

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We are pleased to announce a new release of the FS Protection for Mac. This update is now available for download from My FS Protection, and delivery to existing installations starts today.
This is the first of several planned beta releases of FS Protection for Mac with support for Family Rules. Like with FS Protection on other platforms, you can now manage your parental control settings using the My FS Protection web portal. 
NOTE: as this is an early beta version of Family Rules for Mac, it contains some known issues and missing features. Here are some important notes:
  • Family Rules can be enabled separately for each macOS account using the computer. Once enabled, that macOS account will be associated with the chosen profile in My FS Protection
  • Once a macOS account has been linked to a FS Protection profile, there is no way to switch which FS Protection profile is associated with that macOS account. This will be implemented in a future version of FS Protection. (As a workaround, if you need to switch profile you can release the license for the entire device in My FS Protection, click "Check for updates" in the client to refresh the client state, and re-login from the client to re-enroll it when it says your subscription has expired.)
  • When upgrading from a previous version, FS Protection will ask you to enable Family Rules every time you log in or open the FS Protection main window. A future version will make it possible to opt out of Family Rules on a more permanent basis
  • For first-time installs, Family Rules is always enabled
  • Once enabled for a macOS account, Family Rules cannot be disabled
  • Currently only Content filtering support is implemented. Specifically, Time Limits, while available in the My FS Protection portal, currently do not work. This feature may not be available in the final version
  • The process of setting up Family Rules will gradually be refined with better user experience 
  • As before, Content filtering requires the Browsing protection browser extension to be installed in a supported browser (Safari, Firefox or Chrome)
You can check if Family Rules works by completing the Family Rules setup process, then logging in to My FS Protection and enabling "Content filtering" for your profile. Use Google to search for a site in a known blocked category and check that it's listed as blocked and that you are prevented from using it. For example if you block the "Alcohol and tobacco" category, try searching for "Alko".
If you experience any issues, please run the "Support Tool" in the Applications -> "fs protection" folder and submit a bug report with the file created to allow us to investigate the issue. For issues related to Browsing protection and Parental control, remember to include any URLs that reproduce the problem in your bug report. You may also submit false positives and uncategorized web pages directly to F-Secure Labs using https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/labs_global/submit-a-sample#sample-url
As always, we welcome any feedback via the community pages, and reports of any issues found via https://beta.f-secure.com
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