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Everytime I start my computer there is a warning that F-Secure must be updated. When I accept to update it says that this is already done. How can I stop these warnings?


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Good to know what is your operating system (Windows, Mac) and its version/build.

    Maybe it is possible to check some things like:


    ->> did you try to restart system (most likely - yes, but anyway).

    ->> what is information with next place - rightclick F-Secure tray-picture :: Check Updates :: list of updates.

    Does all of modules/strings with 'installed' status?

    Maybe screenshot of such prompt is useful too.



  • Simon
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    Updates are usually silent, so it's unusual that you should be prompted to do so with 'warnings'.


    Just to add to Ukko's suggestion, I'm not sure if you have this on your version, but if you right click the tray icon and select Open Common Settings, that should produce a list of updates, similar to the pic below.  I think you can also reach this page by clicking Check For Updates, then View Details:




    There are a couple of support tools you could try, namely the FSAUA-Reset Tool and the FSBDUPDATE for Windows TOOL, which you can find in the link below:



  • Leo54
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    We have Windows 10
  • Ukko
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    So, it is good to try suggestion from reply (and back with more information or to contact direct Support Channels for proper investigation):


    And.. maybe good to try direct 'restart'-system (as "Reboot"; and not as "Shutdown and Turn ON system").



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