F Secure Safe not blocking inappropriate material for my children


HI all,


Anyone else having the same issue as me which is, on my daughters mobile if you search "sex" on google then click images it loads up a load of images which are not to bad then click on one of the images it will load to its own page then click on the image again and hit the visit website button that appears in the picture it then blocks it as innapropriate.  But if you hit the back button on the touchscreen and wait till the image reloads then hit the back button again it then loads a full page of extreme  pornographic pictures which, I would not want my 9 year old to see.  Have contacted Fsecure as a matter of urgency but wondering if anyone else having issues of this nature.  If they do not rectify I will be leaving to get software that does work. I have also tried it on her tablet and and it actually gets through to the website which is worse and then if you start hitting back again it again brings up pornographic material.



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