Unusable VPN due to extreme slow speed in Asia

Hans-man Posts: 7 Observer



When I started using Freedome about 3 years ago, I never had any speed issues while living in Singapore and being connected to Singapore. Recently however, the speed has become intolerably slow and there seems to be very little I can do. Without VPN, Google Speedtest usually gives me at least 40 Mbps or more, and with Singapore VPN the speed is at max maybe 1.5 Mbps. Today it was 0.4 Mbps. That's not enough to even browse websites because it can take minutes to load normal pages. This is totally unacceptable. 99% reduction in speed! I get a bit better results with other sites, but even Australia, Hong Kong and Japan all give me at most maybe 2 Mbps which is still very slow. I get the best results with Finland, with something like 6 Mbps but sometimes much less too. Problem is, I don't want to connect to Finland and get localized Google results and ads, I want to remain connected to Singapore.


If F-Secure is not interested in investing in server infrastructure in locations other than Finland, I'll be cancelling my subscription and moving on to other services. Thank you.


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