Amazon Prime video not working in the U.S.

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I now get an error message stating "This title isn't available in your location" whenever I move my cursor over any video. In other words I can't watch any videos. I'm in the U.S.  Freedome was supposed to allow me to watch Amazon videos from anywhere in the world. If I can't watch them in the U.S. I doubt I'll be able to watch overseas.




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    Hello Tom46,


    Amazon Video has started to block access to their service through VPN products, including Freedome.


    Our possibilities to prevent this are limited. You may want to contact them and ask to change their policy concerning VPN products. Please also remember that Freedome protects your network traffic and blocks tracking attempts and harmful sites & apps.


    I had seen some posts regarding Amazon Prime video blocked with Freedome like here. You can find the official statement from Amazon shared by one of our members in this post. As mentioned in the post, the restriction seems to be happening on Amazon side.

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    I searched for an answer to this issue for more than 10 days. I contacted the Amazon support care and they told me I am using a VPN. But I haven't installed one on my PC. But Later after reading this post regarding amazon prime video content not available issue, I realize that it was due to installing McAfee. McAfee has a built in VPN service which changes my IP location. So I uninstall McAfee and everything works fine now.

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