Thank you Sense team!

You were one of the first to purchase SENSE, and the feedback of our early users has been extremely important for us in making it even better. For this reason, we have a special gift for you.

In short, we will renew your SENSE subscription for free after the first year, and it will remain free for the foreseeable future. We will notify you well in advance if this changes.

We’d love to hear more about your experiences with SENSE so far! Get in touch with the SENSE product team through the F-Secure community.

If you have any questions or issues, don’t hesitate to contact F-Secure support. We’re here to help!

With secure summer salutations,
The F-Secure SENSE team


Thank you for renewing the pre-order/early adaptors' subscriptions.


  • Marko7
    Marko7 Posts: 6 Observer

    I agree. I've been a satisfied SENSE user for almost an year.

  • FDU
    FDU Posts: 57 Explorer

    Great experience with Sense that already improved/stabilized significantly over the first year but, of course, like any high tech product there will be still some needs for further enhancements over time (like for example, application able to be run from more than one device without need to reset everything, ability to program shutdown/switch on or regular resets, possibility to permanently remove a device that has been sold, possibility to control internal network from outside when on the go, alerts displayed on the device and through messages to avoid to have to be in the application for that...).

  • Vetraci
    Vetraci Posts: 156 Adventurer

    Hey there,


    is it possible that F-Secure is selling Sense with unlimited subscription?

    If i put Sense to the basket it just says 'F-Secure SENSE router + security subscription' but no word about for how long subscription lasts.



  • Vetraci
    Vetraci Posts: 156 Adventurer


    Thanks for letting us know. Smiley Happy

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